Experienced Auto Detailing & Inventory Specialists

Discover convenient solutions for your dealership's auto detailing, service and parts department today. Dealer Services of Alabama is your source for the finest detailing, reconditioning, and service department products. Our consulting team based in Montgomery, Alabama, provides everything you need, including full labor and detail staffing. We also provide chemical and tool maintenance for your equipment.

Our newest venture is providing the service department with all of the ancillary products needed to carry on business, such as zip ties, worm clamps, 194 bulbs, red/grey/clear loctite, electrical tape, etc. Everything tied to the sales of your dealership. If you have a slow month, the amount paid to us is lower.

Committed Consultants to your Success

Dealer Services of Alabama visits your dealership to explore your options for improvement. We work with onsite management teams, supervisors, and other authorities to ensure that your business is using the most efficient methods and practices. After a FULL and FREE assessment is done on ways we can help you improve customer service and cut costs, we will provide a full report on our findings with no strings attached. The advantages we posess are that we arent looking at the same dealer every day so we have fresh eyes, as well as dealing with such a wide variety of dealers that we can take something that works wonders at a dealer and tweak and implement it at your store to have similar or more success.

Inventory Solutions

Stock up on the supplies you need at the right prices. Dealer Services of Alabama offers a full line of detail chemicals at retail and wholesale prices. We also carry a full line of service department products to consolidate all of your vendors into one. Take advantage of creative billing options per car sold or per repair order created to apply a fixed price on your entire inventory. If your inventory is large, let our team create a personalized estimate with no hidden costs or terms. We agree on what is to be stocked in the beginning, we bring you back a price per unit/RO, and those are the only costs you will see associated with that operation. We handle keeping an accurate and plentiful stock of the product at your site. At no point will you have to call to order something.

"Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way." - George Patten

Dealer Services of Alabama

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