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Who are we, what do we do and who allows us to serve them?

John Thames founded Dealer Services of Alabama, Gulf States Supplies and Services, and Detail Direct all under the holding company, ThamesCorp, LLC. John founded Dealer Services of Alabama after an oppurtunity to split from the previous company and pursue the physical side of the industry while the other company pursues the digital side of the industry.

During the time John has owned and operated Dealer Services of Alabama, he found needs for the two other companies, Detail Direct and Gulf States Supplies and Services. John has been working in a dealership setting for over 12 years and has gained a great deal of knowledge concerning every aspect of the dealership. John's father has been in the car business for 30 plus years and passed down invaluable knowledge that is used daily. John leads with the commander's intent method, allowing the site and general managers to make decisions best suited for the moment and the instance. John studies extensively the relationship between war and business, and throughout his studies he has found countless ways to improve day to day business. John has been married to his beautiful wife Britney since September 2012 (she still puts up with him) and enjoys working, spending time with his wife and their son, Diesel (a great dane).

  • Dealer Services of Alabama primarily works with franhised automobile dealership that want to A) Get those departments off of the problem list, payroll, insurance, and things to worry about and B) wants to bring accountability and success to an otherwise unaccountable and unsuccesful areas within the dealership that has such great effect on the dealership.
  • Dealer Services of Alabama works with dealers across the state with a huge variance in size. There is no dealer too smaill and there is no dealer to large. There is no dealer too "odd", there is no dealer too particular, we work with everyone and can help everyone. However, we do try to look for dealers who fit our outlook on the industry and quality. We do not just want to have a dealer to have a dealer. We want to grow with and improve with that customer.
  • Dealer Services of Alabama firmly believes that some our options are the upcoming trend for dealers, as we offer a cost effective way for the dealer to handle the biggest headaches of the dealership while allowing the dealer to concentrate on profit centers.
  • In every activity we take on, we try to take it on as if it is the most important thing we are doing. We are a young, growing company that has nothing but our reputation. We strive for and work very hard daily to ensure that at any point, a potential customer or client can call any of our exsisting customers and recieve nothing but a perfect review.
"Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way." - George Patten

Dealer Services of Alabama

Dealer Services of Alabama, a member of the ThamesCorp, LLC family of fine distributors, contractors, and management teams.

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